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Psalm 91

Add some structure to your personal Bible study. Try this routine.


Consider this commentary by Tim Keller: 


What does it mean to “stay in the shadow of the Almighty? When you face difficult circumstances, what is your typical response? Trusting your own ability? Planning? Worrying? Are you dwelling in the shelter of the Most High today? 


Take a moment to pray and ask God to bear the burden of that situation to free you from worry, ask Him to be your refuge, know you are in His grip.


Read verses 5-9a. How are these verses true? (Romans 8:28-29.) How are these verses a testimony to God’s power in your life and His love for you?


Journal about times that you have noticed God’s protection in your life. How might you use these examples of God’s protection to encourage others?


Read Hebrews 11. The saints remembered in Hebrews 11 lived by faith. God kept his promise to hear, deliver, and save them. God keeps His promise to you, too. How might knowing this truth change the way you live your life?


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