Click here for the text of Psalm 34.


Count your blessings. Make a list or record them in your journal.


Listen to this song on YouTube: “Ever Be”


Consider this sermon from Good Shepherd Ev. Lutheran Church: "Resurrected to Praise"


Think about a specific time, or many times, that the Lord has “camped around you and delivered you.” Praise God as you see how He keeps this promise.


What does it mean to “fear” the Lord? Practice intentional “fearing” of the Lord this week and journal about what happens.


Read this blog post.


As you pray this week, envision sitting next to God on a bench. Picture Him intently listening as you pour out your worries and burdens. Listen to His comfort as He speaks to you through His Word.


Read the whole Psalm, read it again slowly, meditate on any passage that stands out to you, think about how to apply this passage to your life today, then rest – spend some time just being still.