Psalm 32

“Regarded as both a thanksgiving and a penitential psalm, this prayer teaches us that thankfulness comes from genuine confession. Rather than defending himself, David is raw before God, confessing against himself. In so doing, he discovers the route to true blessing or happiness. He can do this because of the Lord’s unfailing love. He is free to uncover his sin because he knows he will be covered by God’s forgiveness. He can expose himself before God because his Savior exposed himself on the cross. As a result, the gospel surrounds him with shouts of deliverance,” (Tim Keller).


Consider in what areas of your life you might be like a horse or mule? In what ways is God teaching or instructing you to go?

Use verse 5 as a daily prayer of confession. Adjust the words to make it personal or relevant to your current situation. Be specific about the sin(s) you are confessing.

Read Psalm 32 in The Message translation.

Use the first part of verse 11, “Rejoice in the Lord and be glad,” as a breath prayer (a prayer that could be said or prayed silently in one breath, one that hums constantly in the background while one goes about daily life).  Journal about how you are affected by your prayer.


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