Psalm 100 (ESV)




Intentionally notice creation. Take a walk, sit in a hammock, lay on the ground and look around. Let your eyes drink in all the beautiful things that God has made. Recognize of all the perfect details. If you keep a journal, write down a detailed description of what you see.


What does creation tell you about God? What is God calling you to do through the passages of Psalm 100?


Consider this sermon about the “Heart of Worship”:


Memorize verse 2.


What can you do to serve the Lord in gladness?


Seek out specific music that you can use to joyfully praise God. Here’s one to get you started:


Memorize verse 3.


Every day this week, start your day by meditating on verse 3.


Journal about what it means to be one of God’s people, to live in His pasture.


At the end of the day, reflect on how your day was altered by spending time with God in the morning.


Every day this week, read this Psalm out loud together with your family. If you live alone, call someone and read it together over the phone or via Zoom, or ask a neighbor to join you.  Talk about things that you can thank God for. Say a prayer of thanksgiving together.


Challenge yourself to read through and think about this Psalm several times throughout the day, ie. over lunch, when you are driving, at bedtime.  


In what ways is God continually faithful to you?