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Study Notes and Personal Bible Study Activities

for the Gospel of John


John 11:1-53 Verse 35 has been identified as the shortest verse in the Bible. What does this short verse speak to your heart and mind?

John 11:54-12:19 Mary shows her love for Jesus – how may we do that today?

John 12:20-50 We see in Jesus’ life and as his preparations before death that Christianity is not about status, but service.  Who are we believing in when we believe in Jesus?

John 13:1-30 It is Maundy Thursday – while Jesus and the disciples are gathered he gives them and us a lesson in humble service.

John 13:31-14:14 Jesus begins his great final discourse with his disciples, speaking a ‘new’ commandment, comforting them, telling them and us that when we see him we see the Father, and promising to hear our prayers that are offered in his name and to his glory.

John 14:15-31 Who lives in your heart as a believer?  Note the amazing answer given by Jesus in these verses!  What will be the effect of the presence of that Guest (Owner!)?

John 15:1-27 Our flesh, influenced by the world, thinks that a full life comes from a life full of things.  Abundant life comes from being a branch in Christ, the Vine!  It’s the only life worth living.  The Holy Spirit makes such a fruitful life possible by bringing us to Christ and keeping us in Christ. 

John 16:1-33 Through His physical presence Jesus has met all the needs of His disciples every day – what a time that was!!  Now, with His mission just about accomplished, His visible presence will be removed after the shocking events of Good Friday and the surprising events of Easter and Ascension.  Still, Jesus will provide for them through the Spirit He would send.  That’s our heritage too as His people.

John 17:1-26 The disciples once asked “LORD, teach us to pray.”  There is much to learn from this awesome prayer of Jesus, called His “high priestly” prayer.  God helping us, what can we learn about prayer from it? 

John 18:1-24 Are these hours described here by John the darkest hours in human history?  Notice that Jesus continues to walk in the light of God with courage and confidence toward ultimate victory for Him and for us!

John 18:25-19:22 The only Innocent One who ever lived endures unjust accusations without losing His innocence.  Yet, God would declare Him guilty because of His assumption of our wrongs.  The price of our sin would be His crucifixion.  His love for God and us made Him willing to pay the price.  What wondrous love is this!! 

John 19:23-42 The perfect life is complete.  It is placed by the One who lived it into the hand of the One who gave it and who will restore it.  Awesome!!  Notice the fruits of it begin to appear already as lives are changed by its truth – lives like those of Joseph and Nicodemus and you and I!! 

John 20:1-31 We can see in this chapter that Jesus’ followers still did not understand everything that Jesus has told them about his suffering, death and resurrection. They were still learning. How can this encourage us as we live and grow in faith?

John 21:1-25 Notice how Jesus meets the needs of both body and soul in this chapter - providing a lunch of fresh fish and helping Peter work through his grief and repentance. Where do you see Jesus providing for your physical and spiritual needs? Consider taking a few minutes to reflect on ways he has done so recently in your life.