Join Us in Reading the Bible


We are encouraged to personally dig into God's Word. To that end, Saint Lucas publishes a optional daily reading plan for its members and friends to utilize on their journey of spiritual growth. The schedule of daily readings is below. If you find yourself short on time or wanting specific passages to center on each day, some suggested passages on which to focus are listed in parentheses. 


Nov. 18-23, 2019

Monday           Revelation 11 (11:1-14)

Tuesday           Revelation 12 (12:7-17)

Wednesday     Revelation 13 (13:1-10)

Thursday         Revelation 14 (14:1-5)

Friday              Revelation 15 (15:1-4)

Saturday          Revelation 16 (16:1-16)


Nov. 25-30, 2019

Monday           Revelation 17-18:8 (18:1-8)

Tuesday           Revelation 18:9-24 (18:20-24)

Wednesday     Revelation 19 (19:1-10)

Thursday         Revelation 20 (20:11-15)

Friday              Revelation 21 (21:1-7)

Saturday          Revelation 22 (22:1-17)



Beginning Jan. 6, 2020, read one psalm per day, six days per week and really get to know the book that is called "The Prayer Book of the Bible." Jesus knew the Psalms intimately, and used them as prayers. If they worked well for Jesus, they probably will be useful for us, too! Follow the daily reading plan below. 


Contact the Saint Lucas Church office (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 414-483-9122) to be placed on the list to receive an email every Monday morning containing the daily readings for the week.


Beginning in January 2020, we will feature a psalm of the month for 12 months. Consider getting to know these 12 psalms really well -- maybe even memorize parts or all of each psalm. 


Jan. Psalm of the Month: Psalm 1 

Jan. 6-11, 2020

Monday Psalm 1

Tuesday Psalm 2

Wednesday Psalm 3

Thursday Psalm 4

Friday Psalm 5

Saturday Psalm 6


Jan. 13-18, 2020

Monday Psalm 7

Tuesday Psalm 8

Wednesday Psalm 9

Thursday Psalm 10

Friday Psalm 11

Saturday Psalm 12


Jan. 20-25, 2020

Monday Psalm 13

Tuesday Psalm 14

Wednesday Psalm 15

Thursday Psalm 16

Friday Psalm 17

Saturday Psalm 18


Jan. 27-Feb. 1, 2020

Monday Psalm 19

Tuesday Psalm 20

Wednesday Psalm 21

Thursday Psalm 22

Friday Psalm 23

Saturday Psalm 24