Join Us in Reading the Bible

OPEN THE BOOK. Join the Saint Lucas community as we take a journey and discover these wonderful readings of the Bible. 


Reading Schedule



July 2-7, 2018

Monday Genesis 1:1-2:25

Tuesday Genesis 3:1-24

Wednesday Genesis 4:1-6:8

Thursday Genesis 6:9-8:22

Friday Genesis 9:1-10:32

Saturday Genesis 11:1-12:9


July 9-14, 2018

Monday Genesis 12:10-13:18

Tuesday Genesis 14:1-15

Wednesday Genesis 16:1-17:27

Thursday Genesis 18:1-19:38

Friday Genesis 20:1- 21:34

Saturday Genesis 22:1-24


July 16-21, 2018

Monday Genesis 23:1-24:67

Tuesday Genesis 25:1- 26:35

Wednesday Genesis 27:1-28:22

Thursday Genesis 29:1-30:43

Friday Genesis 31:1-33:20

Saturday Genesis 34:1-35:29


July 23-28, 2018

Monday Genesis 36:1-37:36

Tuesday Genesis 38:1-39:23

Wednesday Genesis 40:1-23

Thursday Genesis 41:1-40

Friday Genesis 41:41-57

Saturday Genesis 42:1-44:34


July 30 - August 4, 2018

Monday Genesis 45:1-46:34

Tuesday Genesis 47:1-48:22

Wednesday Genesis 49:1-50:26

Thursday Exodus 1:1-22

Friday Exodus 2:1-25

Saturday Exodus 3:1-4:31


August 6-11, 2018

Monday Exodus 5:1-6:30

Tuesday Exodus 7:1-24

Wednesday Exodus 8:1-9:35

Thursday Exodus 10:1-29

Friday Exodus 11:1-12:51

Saturday Exodus 13:1-22

August 13-18, 2018

Monday Exodus 14:1-31

Tuesday Exodus 15:1-27

Wednesday Exodus 16:1-17:16

Thursday Exodus 18:1-27

Friday Exodus 19:1-20:26

Saturday Exodus 32:1-35


August 20-25, 2018

Monday Exodus 33:1-23

Tuesday Exodus 34:1-35

Wednesday Numbers 11:1-12:16

Thursday Numbers 13:1-15:41

Friday Numbers 16:1-18:32

Saturday Numbers 19:1-20:29 


Dear Sister or Brother in Christ,

Perhaps you can identify with the following testimony from a fellow Christian at St. Lucas:

A couple of years ago I read a book that challenged me to read the entire Bible. I had always wanted to do it and had started reading it many times, but I always seemed to let excuses get in the way and never really established a daily pattern to keep it up. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by the length of the Bible, unsure of some of the words I couldn't even pronounce, and just overwhelmed at how to begin. I also thought that because I grew up in a Christian home and went to church and Bible study regularly, I knew my Bible, or at least knew it "enough".

Well.... thanks be to God, two years ago I picked up a One-year Bible and started reading it every day. Each day the reading was divided into sections of God's Word that was manageable for me to read and helped me set a daily pattern. Today, I am almost finished reading through the Bible for the second time and I can't wait to read it again....(each time I read it the Holy Spirit opens my eyes to new understanding!!)

I realized that reading the Bible wasn't as hard as I thought and I can honestly say, I will never be the same.

Yes, I am still a sinner and I daily struggle with the troubles of this earthly life, but now, I am daily reminded of my Savior's love, mercy, and forgiveness, and I am looking forward to the eternal joy of heaven.

God's Word is truly a life-changing gift and even though it took me 40 years to realize that, I am so thankful I picked up my Bible and started reading!

So, can you identify with this struggle? Can you identify with this resolution? Then maybe it's time you OPEN THE BOOK.