Join Us in Reading the Bible

The April Psalm of the month is Psalm 34.


Suggested Activities for week two,  

April 6-11:


  • Memorize verses 6-10

  • Think about a specific time, or many times, that the Lord has “camped around you and delivered you.” Praise God as you see how He keeps this promise.

  • Listen to the song "Psalm 34" on YouTube.


More suggested activities: 


The Saint Lucas family is reading through the Psalms twice in 2020.

We are focusing on one specific Psalm per month. We are encouraged to spend extra time reading, studying, thinking about, and meditating on this one Psalm. At the end of the year, we will know 12 Psalms really well. New study tips and resources are provided every week. 

In addition, we are reading one Psalm per day, six days per week. The reading schedule is listed below and sent in a weekly email on Monday mornings. (Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you want your email added to the list.)


March 30-April 4, 2020

Monday Psalm 73

Tuesday Psalm 74

Wednesday Psalm 75

Thursday Psalm 76

Friday Psalm 77

Saturday Psalm 78



April 6-11, 2020

Monday Psalm 79

Tuesday Psalm 80

Wednesday Psalm 81

Thursday Psalm 82

Friday Psalm 83

Saturday Psalm 84


April 13-18, 2020

Monday Psalm 85

Tuesday Psalm 86

Wednesday Psalm 87

Thursday Psalm 88

Friday Psalm 89

Saturday Psalm 90


April 20-25, 2020

Monday Psalm 91

Tuesday Psalm 92

Wednesday Psalm 93

Thursday Psalm 94

Friday Psalm 95

Saturday Psalm 96


April 27-May 2, 2020

Monday Psalm 97

Tuesday Psalm 98

Wednesday Psalm 99

Thursday Psalm 100

Friday Psalm 101

Saturday Psalm 102 


It’s not too late to jump into the daily readings and monthly Psalm study. Simply start where we are!